Producing service that is adding value to our shareholders primarily to our employees and customers and that is appreciated by them on Sportswear.


with the team spirit we have and the organization we manage a. with our unique designs and quality products that are open to developments to new markets and to future, our Vision is to be among the leading Sportswear Company in the World.

Maraton Sportswear was founded in 1992 by four brothers under the leadership of Celal Kaya, previously as Cebir Tekstil. The process that started in a small cutting workshop in Laleli started to produce tracksuits in a modest workshop. Cebir Tekstil, which sold the tracksuits that they carefully sewed to the boutique businesses in Laleli, took another step and opened its first store in Laleli in 97. Since this date, the Eastern European market has strengthened its relations with its customers, has offered its products to wholesale in its own store and has gained an important place in the market.

Developing itself with the change in the world, Cebir Tekstil acquired the Maraton Sportswear brand in 2000 and followed a more original and focused path. In 2001, the men's group design team was established in order to clarify its own line and it gained great appreciation of its customers with its original works focused on Maraton Sportswear Collection. Taking the place it deserves in its segment, Maraton Sportswear increased its effectiveness in the market by opening its second store in Laleli, followed by a Polish store in 2004. Before long, it rapidly expanded its customer portfolio and opened its third store in Merter in 2005, aiming to appeal to the Middle East market.

Despite the global crisis, Maraton Sportswear continued its determined walk by accelerating its investments. In this direction, by establishing a women's group design team in 2008, it has expanded its target audience by opening the women's group store in Laleli in 2010. In 2011, in order to make its success sustainable, it put the latest technological products into use in office and production processes by giving importance to technological investments. As of 2012, by receiving professional consultancy support from outside, with the restructuring, it has accelerated its corporate development efforts by renewing its human resources, business processes and organizational structure. As of 2013, Maraton Sportswear offers its customers the best service in its segment with an area of ​​9800 m2, over a hundred employees, 5 stores in Laleli, Merter and Poland, and an effort to open up to new markets in its new modern campus in Mahmutbey, Istanbul. is inside. Thus, it provides foreign currency inflow to our country with both employment and exports for our people.

In short, Maraton Sportswear continues on its way as a "long journey".


-Managing with a common mind, working together,

 -Basing our decisions on the basis of knowledge,

- To comply with the terms of the parties concerned,

-To develop and innovate in accordance with the spirit of the time,

-To work to be the best,

-To be result-oriented without neglecting the process,

- To produce products that add value to customers and create satisfaction,

-To be solution oriented in order to continuously improve the efficiency of the management system,

 - Acting with a win-win approach to all our stakeholders, especially our employees

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