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Cebir Giyim

About Maraton Sportswear, formerly Cebir Giyim, was founded in 1992 by four brothers under the leadership of Celal Kaya. The process that started in a small cutting workshop in Laleli started to produce tracksuits in a modest workshop.


First Store

Cebir Giyim opened its first store in Laleli in 97. Since then, the company has strengthened its relations with its customers in the Eastern European market, offered its products for wholesale in its own store and gained an important place in the market.


Branding Process

Cebir Giyim, which developed itself with the changes in the world, followed a more original and focused path by acquiring the Maraton Sportswear brand in 2000. In 2001, the Men's Group design team was established in order to clarify its own line and Maraton Sportswear Collection has gained great appreciation of its customers with its focused original works.


Increasing Market Share

Maraton Sportswear provides the best service to its customers in its segment with its 9800 m2 area, more than one hundred employees, 5 stores in Laleli and Merter and increasing market share in its new modern campus in Istanbul / Mahmutbey and strives to expand to new markets.



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